Universal Science was founded in UK, as part of LED lighting area, with a technical slant and a clear focus on thermal management. The slogan of the first company logo, cooling electronics by design, well represented the strength in product reliability.


Vincenzo Reda, our manager, got in touch with Universal Science UK and he decided to join them and their business area founding Universal Science Italy. After a long experience with semiconductors and in the optoelecronics area, Vincenzo closely experienced the birth of first white LED. Curious and interested, he tried to follow the LED technological evolution and to understand how to introduce and promote them to the market.

Focus and Corporation

The activity of Universal Science Italy started with a clear focus on realising, using and proposing LED modules to the lighting area. We began right away to cooperate with important sector companies, sharing, thanks to the employment of specialists, our approach and our competence in electronics and LED lighting areas.

One of the top global business

The history and the way of our company has followed the evolution of LEDs over the years, from the low efficiency ones, usable in specific applications, until a few years ago, when LEDs were able by the time to be applied to different sectors and they exceeded all the other light sources, becoming one of the top global business.


Over the years we’ve had a first-hand experience of the massive transformation of the lighting business: a lot of external investors have come in succession, the percentage and the weight of the reference companies have changed and other electronics specialists have come on LED lighting area. Also the competitors have grown over time and we have always adapted and evolved ourself accordingly. As a technological sector, in fact, there is never a end point, but a continuous development.

New applications and new opportunities

Our work has been and it actually is an operation of continuous adjustment and strengthening of the structure and research of new areas of application. In this respect, we are entering little by little into horticulture. In this sector, in fact, the advantages of LED lighting are numerous, including the restrained power consumption, and hence the operating cost savings, the drastic decrease of the heat produced by the lighting source and an emission spectrum that is wider and more easily adaptable to different types of cultivated product and its growth phases.
The LED features and flexibility in use allow to increase its application also in medical area, in ink drying for printer systems, in air and water cleaning and in solar simulators for industrial test systems.