The willingness on the part of Universal Science to invest and make innovations in Italy is witnessed also by the production plant di Pregnana Milanese (MI): 2.000 sq.m. that house modular offices with an adjacent production area, connected to a fully automated warehouse.

Our core business is the high capacity production of LED modules from 9mm to 1200mm in length, developed according to the criteria of maximum efficiency, repeatability and reliability for the specific application.

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A cutting-edge production plant

The plant has two cutting-edge SMT lines with an assembly capacity of over 100 milions LEDs per year. The investment is continuous and it doesn’t concern only spaces and production lines, but also the implementation of innovative machines and instrumentations (including two automatic screen printing machines, two integrating spheres and a multi-channel data logger), in addition to the specialist equipment (including a resin machine and a die-cutter for thermal interfaces).

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