For a brighter future

The values shared by all our employees, such as solidarity and mutual support, are the basis of the daily work and success of Universal Science Italy.

The social commitment of the company is oriented to these main principles: for some years we have committed to the projects of the italian charity association Italian association Aiuti Terzo Mondo Onlus, which is primarily active in Santa Cruz de la Sierra (Bolivia).

The strenght of this association is the ability, thanks to the passion and obstinacy of the laical missionaries who live there and the Italian volunteers, to transform a small financial aid in real projects with a great prospect for the local realities.

Reception centres for women

Built in 2003, the reception centre La Sonrisa houses young women, who have often been victims of violence or have come from situations of degradation and abandonment, with their children. The missionaries provide them a bed, a meal, a basic health care. a psychological support and an education through workshops.

La Fabrica de la Sonrisa was founded in 2009 with the aim of hosting young girls, who come from poor families of suburban villages, and offering them a concrete support in university studies. The association work hard to cover all the expenses for each girl (tuition fees, books, transportation, meals and accomodation) and guarantee a wider educational path.

The rural suburban villages and the “Papayas Project”

In 2014, with the precious help of the university students hosted in La Fabrica della Sonrisa, the association launched a project based on the cultivation of papayas.

Through the sale of the papayas at the Santa Cruz open-air market, it will be possible to make a profit to improve the living conditions of the families who live in, rural suburban villages mainly supporting the health emergencies. Finally, a part of the proceeds will be used to build some masonry houses for the poorest families, forced to live in little houses built with mud and straw.