In these years we are putting near LED technologies a lot of companies which have a proven competence in the lighting area and deal with all the aspects of a final product: design, integration with the environment, type of application and photometric normative requirement.

The role of Universal Science Italy consists in offering the customer a cooperation service in the development of quality LED systems. We take care of every technical aspect related to the correct use of the LED: from electronics to thermal management, from optics to mechanics. Our team can therefore guarantee a 360-degree design support , from the aesthetic proposal to the functional definition of the final product, for which we develop and supply LED components.

We give a fundamental contribute in defining the final result in terms of efficiency, product life and quality.

LED modules

Our LED modules are entirely realised and produced in Italy, using automatic and technologically automatic and technologically inside the inside the production plant in Pregnana Milanese (MI)of our manufactoring site in Pregnana Milanese (MI). Constantly interacting with our customers, we take care of the physical realisation of electronic circuits as well as their refinement and following updates.

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We offer to the customer the possibility to realise LED optics, both Standard which means that they are immediately available and usable, and Custom, in the event that the required size and shape are specific of the lighting product that the customer need to realise.

Regarding the development and the distribution of LED optics, we have a strategic agreement with the most important Asian company of this lighting area: LedLink (Taipei).

Thermal Interfaces

Thermal Management historically is the strength of Universal Science thermal interfaces are selected for the lighting market depending on their technical and manageability features and they are realised in different countries of the Asian and European continents.


Along the way, about LED drivers we identified two important partners: Self and uPowerTek, which excel in production capacity and quality, perfect for our business. These two companies represent a part of our distribution proposal, which allow us to offer products that can be use, although not necessarily, together with our LED modules. This means that we can propose a ready to use solution, so that the customer can focus on his marketing and designing activities.

uPowerTek is more specialized in powerful drivers, watertight, mainly used outdoor. They produce drivers for street lighting and high-bay lamps.

Self production is focused on products mainly used indoor, or where there is no need of high protection level from water.