Specialized in LED modules development and production

Support in LED fixture design

Customisation and distribution of LED lighting components

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Universal Science Italy was founded in 2007 and it is specialized in LED modules development and production for applications in the lighting area (RED). The work of our designer completely covers the world of LED lighting, from the aesthetic proposals to the functional definition of a final product. These activities go with the sale and development of LED optics , Thermal interfaces and LED drivers .
Our management spent 10 years supporting technical and R&D departments in the lighting industry: this great experience in electronic assemblying, thermal analysing and system designing guarantees to our company a top position in the LED lighting business.


  • Inhouse LED modules development and production
  • Customisation and distribution of LED lighting components
  • Support in LED fixture design
  • Thermal design and CFD
  • Photometric and colorimetric tests

The new brand RED, in addition to our modules production, identifies the innovative solutions for LED systems that we propose to our customers, offering standard kits easy to use.

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Last news

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In October, Universal Science launched the RED- Integrating Lighting Technologies branded LED strips in the new environment-friendly version, with a recycled paper reel that replaces the...

Relamping Kit - The first high power RED solution

With the improvement of its R&D area both in terms of engineers and softwares (SolidWorks and Altium), Universal Science has further strengthened the wide range of services it offers to the customer in the development of...

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