With the improvement of its R&D area both in terms of engineers and softwares (SolidWorks and Altium), Universal Science has further strengthened the wide range of services it offers to the customer in the development of quality LED systems. Our company is able to take care of every technical aspect related to the correct use of LEDs: from electronics to thermal management, from optics to mechanics.

The Relamping Kit, like all our standard solutions, is identified by the RED – Integrating Lighting Technologies brand and it is a practical example of the work and growth of the Universal Science team. This lighting solution was originally designed for redevelopment projects in the street lighting area, but it’s suitable for any type of structure and application.

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The word relamping literally means the replacement of old light sources, halogen or incandescent, with modern LED technology. The great advantage of this product, in addition to the well-known energy saving guaranteed by LEDs, is the possibility of entirely preserving the traditional lighting fixture, without any aesthetic, structural and compliance changes, and to considerably reduce the intervention and maintenance costs.

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