Thehorticulture LED lighting is well known as a notoriously a booming market: LEDs have made it possible to exponentially raise the control level of growth environments, with superior precision and stability in terms of spectrum and intensity, and to reduce the energy costs.
To successfully face this market area, it is necessary to have tools and strategies that are different from those applied to general lighting, because the key factors that determine success are different too.

The approach of Universal Science consists in defining and optimizing the configurations and performance of the lamp in order to get countless advantages for the crop, such as the reduction of growth time, chemical inputs (fertilizers or plant protection products) and amount of water, as well as the increase in fresh mass and yield.
In particular, our company carries out the following activities:

  • Design and assembly of ad-hoc multi-wavelength LED modules for horticulture lighting (RED – Integrating Lighting Technologies)
  • Design of special light fixtures and related control and power supply systems
  • Dedicated optics design

In the infographic we share the Photosynth LED board, one of our RED branded solutions for applications in mini greenhouses or research and development greenhouses:

Our team of experts therefore offers to lighting fixture producers and research centers a solutions design service that guarantees flexibility (multi wavelength / multi channel / dimming for an efficient PPF and PPFD control), modularity and smart management ( IoT / DALI / DMX / RS485) to cover any type of needs.

We talked about our activity in horticulture lighting in the latest issue of the Italian magazine AV Elettronica & Imprese.

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