Universal Science Srl is proud to announce the beginning of an important strategic partnership with X Light Illuminazione Srl, an Italian company specialized in design and production of commercial refrigeration.

X Light Group was born from the idea of strengthening a business cooperation in order to achieve shared goals, while maintaining independence, autonomy and specificity of each company.
The intention is also to increase, by proposing innovative LED solutions, the presence of both companies in the important business area of refrigerated/heated appliances and generic food displays manufacturers (food lighting).

Thanks to this partnership the Group would like to appear in the target market as an important and flexible design and production force , emphasizing the level of competence resulting from the two companies.

Under this project, our company is responsible for taking charge of all the technological research and development activities concerning the optical, electronic and LED components, as well as their production/supplying. X-LIGHT, on the other hand, will provide all the experience in following the customer, understanding his needs and customizing and producing LED luminaires.

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