In order to strengthen our customer service of support in LED system design, we have recently introduced into our company new professional people related to electronic and mechanical design, who combines a many years experience and the daily use of programs like SolidWorks and Altium Designer, among the best available on the market.

SolidWorks is a leading CAD (parametric modeler) for the 3D design. Thanks to the various modules it is composed of, It’s a complete tool that participates step by step in the whole process of product design: from the concept to the simulation and environmental impact analysis, from the publication of technical manuals to the creation of inspection documentation.

Altium Designer is the powerful and modern software package for the electronic boards and PCBs design.

The improvement of our technical department, both in terms of engineers and software, allows us to offer our customers a wide and complete range of services that makes Universal Science a company in continuous growth and in step with the new needs of the market.

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