The Christmas holidays and the new year are coming and there is no better opportunity to thank all who have worked and collaborated with us in 2018, helping Universal Science to constantly improve itself and achieve incredible goals.

In particular to our partners, suppliers and customers, best wishes for a peaceful Christmas and a bright and successfull 2019!

Taking advantage of this opportunity, we share with you an important charitable initiative that is particularly close to our hearts. As in past years, Universal Science Italy has decided to donate the funds for Christmas gifts to the Italian association Aiuti Terzo Mondo Onlus, which works in Bolivia for the most needy people.

This year our social action is focused on a project born in 2014 with the idea of creating a small farm in Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia. In 2017 the association finally realized its dream: a land of two hectares was bought to cultivate papayas. Through the sale of the fruits at the city market it will soon be possible to get a profit to improve the living conditions of the families who lives the suburban villages, especially supporting food and health emergencies. In the end, part of the proceeds will be used to build masonry houses for the poorest people.

Click here and support this important project with us!

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